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Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 6

Hey Everyone!
Today is our off day! We woke up early this morning to catch some rays from the Brazilian sun. While we were all laying out, five monkeys jumped up on the deck right next to us! They reminded me of squirrels you would see in the U.S. but they were little MONKEYS! We fed them bananas and other fruit we got from the breakfast bar. It was amazing. After a few hours of laying out, we packed up our things and headed toward our next destination, Sao Jose dos Campos. We stopped at a mall about halfway to eat and shop for a couple hours. Even though it was a Sunday, the mall was packed! This is also were we said goodbye to Erin Virtue, she was heading back to the U.S. (bye Virtue, we miss you!) We got to our hotel in Sao Jose dos Campos around 6:30pm. We all got ready and went to dinner. We went to a pizza restaurant, it was similar to the one we went to last night. The best part of the dinner was the dessert! There were tons of different types of dessert pizza--chcolate banana, chocolate strawberry, vanilla ice cream, chocolate caramel, just to name a few. It was delicious! After dinner, Camilla took us to a local club so we could experice the night life in Brazil. We were all nervous and excited for this experience. The dancing and music were very different from the U.S. and none of us really knew what to do. However, the local people there were very nice and helpful (and patient with us) and taught some of us a few steps. Overall, it was a great day! Tomorrow is back to volleyball!
-Julie Guenther

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