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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 8

Hi people this is Karen :) Today was such a long day. We got up very early to leave Sao Jose de Campos and go to the Brazilian training center for volleyball. We spent over 6 hours on the bus watching all sorts of movie from Avatar to Forest Gump!

The training center here is AMAZING. There is an ocean on one side (well right across the street)and beautiful montains when you look the other way. Everything is super close together from the dorms where we are staying to the gym, to the cafe area, nothing is more than a 15 second walk! The volleyball courts are really nice too and they have pictures of their players on the wall which adds a nice touch!

We played the Brazilian Youth Team today. We played 5 sets and won all 5! All the players for their youth team are 16 years old. They are such a young team but they have power and speed. They were great at serve receive too. We struggled a bit at times, especially in the first set, but then we started to get better on defense which helped a lot.

Tomorrow, we will play some doubles on the sand court here and everyone is so excited!!! Hopefully tomorrow is going to be a great day again!


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