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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 3 - Lindsay

Hey everyone! Upton here! Today was a great day in Sao Paulo! We started at the Polo hotel where we stayed last night and ate a great breakfast of fresh fruit, lots of different breads, eggs and some sort of sausage dish. Becca made the discovery that the milk was not, in fact, real milk but made from powder. I tried it and couldn't even tell the difference! Then we started the trip to the gym which took about 2 hours so we watched Sahara to pass the time.

We ended up playing the at the Paulistano Club, which happens the be one of the most exclusive(and expensive) country clubs in Sao Paulo. They were redoing the floor in the competition gym so we played in their practice gym which was very nice and had sport court(score!!). We played tennis and served and passed a little to warm up, then we peppered and hit and the game began. We came out a little rusty after 2 days of nonstop traveling and A LOT of sitting. We lost the first game 26-24 but came out much better in the second and ended up winning the next 3. We struggled a bit in the 5th game and ended up losing. All and all it was a relatively good day and it felt great to get in the gym and get our blood flowing. After the game we ate at the club. It was so good! I got the Especial which was a filet sandwich with cheese, tomato, and bacon on a sort of pita flat bread. It was delicious!

Then we loaded up the bus and made a stop at a historical statue in the city. We had fun taking pictures an climbing all over it because it was so big! I got kicked in the face(my luck) but all in all it was a worthwhile stop. Next we drove to the hotel and I have to say traffic in this city is CRAZY! I'll never complain about Cincinnati traffic again! We saw a motorcycle run straight into a car and a public bus that had at least 100 people on it!

Anyways we made it to the hotel, Formula 1 to be exact and boy were we in for a surprise. BUNK BEDS! Who would have thought?! The shower is literally right next the the bed and the toilet is in the closet. Very space efficient! We went to the mall across the street and some of us got Brazil shirts to wear for the game tomorrow. We're waking up and heading back to the mall where we have reservations at a great spot to watch the game. I can't wait! GO BRAZIL! Look back tomorrow night for Becca's account of our day. Tchau!!

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