Cincinnati Women's Volleyball news

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Did you know?!?!

Since its founding in 1819, The University of Cincinnati has been the source of many discoveries creating positive change for society, including:
  • the first antihistamine, Benadryl
  • co-op education
  • the first electronic organ
  • the Golden Gate Bridge designer, Joseph B. Strauss
  • the oral polio vaccine
Many of the University of Cincinnati's programs are currently ranked in the Top 10 in the nation, including:
  • Biological Sciences, 2nd
  • Criminal Justice, 3rd
  • Pediatrics, 3rd
  • Classics and Classical Literature, 3rd
  • Opera/Voice, 3rd
  • Interior Design, 3rd
  • Cooperative Education, 4th
  • Musical Conducting, 5th
  • Music, 6th
  • Industrial Design, 6th
  • Criminology and Justice Services, 6th
  • Ecology, 6th
  • Environmental Engineering, 6th
  • Physiology, 7th
  • Music Composition, 7th
  • Paleontology, 7th
  • Orchestra/Symphony, 9th
  • Biomedical Sciences, 9th
  • Special Education, 9th
  • Toxicology, 10th
Our Student to Faculty Ratio is 15/1.

UC is ranked 15th among "Up and Coming" national universities!

Go Bearcats!