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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 5 - Jordanne

Today was our first day of being able to sleep in, haha not. I mean if you think 9:30 is sleeping in. We all went down to breakfast were it was full of bread and butter. Then at 10:30 we were off for our exciting day at the Zoo. On our bus ride we watched Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. The movie was great up until the last 10 minutes of the film were the chick messed up her lines and killed the whole movie(it was TERRIBLE, if you haven't seen this version don't waste your money stick with the original). The ride was about two hours, and when pulling in to the Zoo it was full of trees. You could say it was similar to a safari.

The sun was beaming when we started walking to see the monkeys. They were so cute; surprisingly, they were very friendly and wanted to be right up next to the glass to see us. They liked to use their tales to hang from the top of the cages. We saw lots birds of many different colors and sized, a few of then liked to hop around their cages, while others sunbathed. Throughout our mile and a half walk we saw Rhinos, Elephants, Otters, Lizards, and lots more.

To end our day at the Zoo we stopped at the Zoo Restaurant. We are all starting to get used to the buffet style restaurant, were we walk through grab whatever looks good then go to the cash register and have our food weighed. The sad thing is you don't get to go back up and get more without paying extra. So what you get is what you got.

After leaving the Zoo we drove to our new hotel, where we all decided to explore the city. There were many little shops we browsed and bought souvenirs. After walking up and down all of the hills in the city many people were tired and went back to the hotel to take a nap before we left for the game at 6:30.

Our hotel was about 10 minutes away from the gym. We arrived at the gym around 7:00 to get ready to play Itatiba, an adult professional team of the city Itatiba. This game was the first to have officials and an announcer, and before the game the National Anthem for both teams were played, which was cool to hear. If you ask me, I thought Brazil's Anthem was extremely long. The game begun and we started off really strong. We were up 6-0 before they finally got up on the board. We won the first game 25-18, then the second was 25-10. In the third we became a little relaxed and started letting them back in, but then came back and tied it up 18-18. To end the third we finished strong and won 25-20. They asked to play one more game and it was a bit shaky, but we again pulled it out 26-24. After the game we took pictures with the team and exchanged t-shirts, which was hilarious because the girls(or should I say woman) wanted our shirts so bad.

Later at dinner we had the salad bar with pizza that was constantly coming out with different toppings. Everything was so good, it was great way to end our long day of excitement.

J-Scott's signing out

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