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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Working Hard!

We are now fully back in the swing of things, having workouts and getting some training done in the gym! We just had our second day of small groups and it is SO good to be back in the gym with the players! We are breaking things down and really making sure that everyone’s technique is on point. We train in 30 minutes sessions and that really allows us to focus on one or two things we need to train for each individual player. I think the team really embraces the detail and precision of what we are asking each of them to do. It can be frustrating at times, especially when what you are trying to change can be something extremely small. However, the players recognize that the small changes can have an extremely large impact and can create hugely successful results!
In addition to the workouts and volleyball training the team is now in their third week of classes and tests are beginning to pop up on the schedule. The ladies are studying hard and learning a lot. Our Student Athlete Study Hall, Computer Lab, and Tutor Rooms are on the floor below the coach’s offices and I’ve been seeing our players in and out of these rooms a lot! It is so nice as a coach to see the players work so hard both in the gym and weight room, and in the class room.

Remember: The Volleyball team is putting on a Fundraiser on February 2nd at Noodles & Company in Hyde Park from 5p-9p to raise money for our trip to Brazil and Argentina!


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