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Monday, January 4, 2010

Back at it!

So we are back in class today! The team is busy getting their books, attending class and re-decorating their dorm rooms. We will start up with our lifting and running on Wednesday morning; met with our strength coach this morning and he is excited to get the girls back at it this week.

After just a couple weeks of lifting and running, and getting the legs ready, we will jump into our practices. This time of year, we are only allowed 8 hours/week with the team, so 6 of those hours are spent conditioning and lifting and only 2 hours/week are spent in the gym. It isn't a lot of time, so we need to be efficient!

I am sure that Reed and Myanna will return from their warm homelands (Hawaii and Austin, respectively) with a bit of a tan ... I'll be sure to be jealous!

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