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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 10

Oi! It's Annie here. We are officially on vacation now that the volleyball is over! We started the day bright and early with breakfast in the hotel.
It was an entire buffet of fruit! Delicious. We were all dressed in our Brazilian gear and headed to the beach for the Brazil-Netherlands soccer game. On the beach
they have a FIFA Fan Fest which is an area blocked off just for watching World Cup games on a HUGE screen. We got in line at 8:00 for an 11:00 game. People are soccer
crazy here, it is basically a religon to them. I loved being a part of it. They let us in the Fan Fest at 9:00 and we settled near the stage and took naps and enjoyed
the entertainment before the game started.
As game time approached the area filled up with hundreds of people, it was a sea of green and yellow! The game started great and Brazil scored relatively quickly. The
place went wild :) It was really an incredible experience being there and feeling the spirit of the people of Brazil! However, it was super crowded and really hot
so at halftime the team went out and grabbed a bite to eat at a local cafe. Reed, Myanna, Camila, and I stayed back to watch the whole game. The girls were walking
around the streets and noticed that absolutely no one was out and about and every place they walked by people were huddled by a TV watching the game. They hit up the
beach right outside the FIFA Fan Fest, got some good rays, and bought cute jewelry from the beach vendors! The beach vendors were selling anything and everything from
beer and ice cream to henna tattoos. WHich Becca and Turner took full advantage of, Becca is currently sporting a Puma on the back of her shoulder and Turner is rocking
the fish on the wrist. We have really cool freshman... Back at the game the Netherlands took control of the second half and scored twice. Ending Brazil's run in the
World Cup. Everyone was in complete shock and disbelief. It was really sad to see everyone so hurt from a loss that meant so much to them.
After the game Reed, Myanna and I grabbed some delicious food at a cute cafe and met up with the team at the beach. The Brazilian beaches are a sight to be seen.
The men are not ashamed to be in a white speedo and the women sometimes let their butt cheeks hang out. Myanna, Lindsay, and I played in the ocean for a while! We were
enjoying the waves until the very end when we went to get out and the waves just rocked our world. Myanna kicked me in the face, we were losing our suits, and I tackled
Myanna under the water. After a long struggle we finally we made it to land safely. Quite a hysterical journey. We all split up and went shopping or got ready for
dinner. A few of us bought churros filled with chocolate that were delictable.
We all got pretty and headed out for dinner at 7:30. We walked a few blocks down the beach and went to a outdoor restaurant that had great music!Some of us ordered
off the menu and others got unlimited pizza! The food was great as usual. I had beef, vegetables, and rice! Bueno! We caused quite a scene because the little man
playing his guitar and singing at the restaurant kept playing classic jams and our table would bust out in song each time. After dinner we walked across the street
and enjoyed beverages on the beach from one of the little huts. Around 1030 we went back to the hotel and grabbed some cabs to a club. It opened at 11 and we got there
relatively shortly after, it was basically empty and we were a little nervous. Fear not though it picked up! Camila and her husband were teaching us to dance the
Brazilian way and halfway through the night American music came on! We went nuts! Julie, Becca, Turner, Missy, Lindsay and I were dancing machines! We made a ton of
Brazilian friends!
At 4:30am we left the club and decided to take a stroll along the beach instead of taking a cab! Julie, Jeff, Becca, and Lindsay stopped at one of the huts on the beach
with Camila and her husband for fries and beef. Julie and Jeff ended up staying awake until the sunrise! Champs! That finished today!

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