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Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 10

Oi! Hayden here :)

Soooooo, this morning we woke up nice and early and walked to the dining hall ate yet another amazing breakfast consisting of bread, fruit, bread, cereal, juice,
and oh yeah, bread. Then we prepared for our last match of the trip, the 3rd one against The Brazilian Youth National Team. We made the short walk across the
"volleyball resort" to the gym a little before 9.

Our last match of the trip was a fun and victorious ending. We took our last pictures with the girls from the team, receieved an awesome thank you from their coach,
and then said our goodbyes to all of them. We then enjoyed another great lunch at the dining center and then got some time to hang out by either the beach or the pool.

Then, sadly, around 2:30 our group of bronzed beauties had to say "chao" and leave the brazilian volleyball paradise. We then came back to Rio and checked into yet
another hotel, possibly the 27th one of the trip? We hiked our "extremely light and easy to carry" luggage up two flights of stairs and received our rooming assignments.
After "settling in", Missy and I discovered that the length of our room is about the same as my armspan plus one of Missy's arms, and the width.... let's just say that
Missy and I can still shake hands even when we're across the room from each other. Nice and cozy, just the way we like it :) Almost seems as if they just took the rooms
off a cruise ship and plopped it into a hotel!

So anywho, after enjoying the hilarity of our final hotel, we got a little time to walk around, shop a little, and get ready before dinner. For dinner we went to a
restaurant about a two blocks away and enjoyed, dare I say the word I hate, beef, and other great food we got to cook ourselves on our tables. We sat and talked and
had a fun night all together, even getting the chance to do some fantastic people watching.
After talking, laughing, and goofing around, everyone finally ended up in their LOVELY COZY HOMEY beds for an INCREDIBLE night's sleep.

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