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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Reed/Team USA - Day 1

My day started with me flying from Cincinnati to JFK then to Frankfurt then on to Gdansk. When I got to Gdansk, I was greeted by a team host for the tournament. On my flight were the coaches and members of the Dominican Republic team. So after we got our bags, we all got on the bus to check into the hotel. I then got a quick workout in at the hotel’s fitness center then went immediately to eat a late lunch. Lunch consisted of pasta, chicken and a bunch of deli meat and bread.

After lunch, I came up to the room and had a few hours to wait until the US team arrived so I read and took a little nap after a long night/day of traveling. When I got up, I met Kasha (host) down in the lobby and went to the airport on the bus to meet the team.

The USA team finally arrived. They had a long flight from Los Angeles to Frankfurt to Gdansk. We greeted them and got on the bus and headed straight to the hotel. They quickly unpacked and got ready to leave for practice. Once we got to the gym, they did their warm-up routine and handled the ball for a little bit and did their serve/pass routine. It was good for them to get the blood flowing after a long trip.

After practice we went back to the hotel, had dinner and called it a night. It was about 12:30a by the time I got to bed.

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